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Pushing the limits of affiliate marketing to a higher level


We're on a mission; bridging the gap between the passion for what you love doing and making a living out of it. What are your interests? What keeps you going?

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Beginner or a veteran, every marketer can find something of his own at Adludum. No idea is too crazy for us. We work on a multitude of levels. From unique lockers to offer optimization, in-depth statistics, 24/7 support and a heck more!

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Do you write your own e-books? Perhaps you're more of a blogger? Your thoughts and stories are valuable. Let your readers give something back to you without pulling out their wallets.

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Traffic is the new oil and you know that like no other. Webmasters generate 10 times more revenue with us compared to others who still use the conventional CPM/CPC model. Give CPA a try, you won't be disappointed!

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You love to make your own apps, develop websites and get dirty with code. You might be selling some of your apps already, but how much sales has it attracted you so far? What if you could get paid without hanging a price tag on your apps?

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Your followers are loyal and love to give something back to you. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to donate but still want to contribute to you. As a solution for that, we offer the ability to those users to get you paid just by performing a simple action.

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Musicians, singers, painters, illustrators, animators, visual artists, photographers. You love to share your creative work around. We'll give you the ability to turn appreciation from your audience into revenue with the least hassle.

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"At the end of the day, it's all about enjoying and making a living from the things you love the most."



We work on providing new ways of thinking when it comes to traffic monetization, pushing the potential of CPA Marketing to a higher level. No matter what your profession is, whether you're an affiliate/publisher who's already familiar with CPA Marketing and Content Locking or you're looking to find a new way to monetize your traffic/audience. We've got you covered from all angles.

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Image of a Overview Monetization


So how does it all work? The general idea of CPA Marketing works like this: You get paid when a user completes a certain action, which could be:

  • Filling out a survey
  • Installing an app/game
  • Completing an offer for their phone
  • Buying a service/product

You offer an incentive to the user for when he has completed an action. The incentive could be: access to your content, file, link, music, videos, games and other types of materials/information. When a user completes an action, you get paid. Payout per action ranges between an average of $1 - $40 or higher.

With our technology you can utilize a variety of different lockers that present these actions to the user in their own unique way. Each type of locker can be used on different types of content. Check out all the different lockers on the left to get a feel for what they are like. All of our lockers can be customized in many ways including with HTML/CSS as well as building completely new lockers from scratch.

Image of a Content Locker

Content Locking

Content Lockers allow you to monetize off of your content by placing a little piece of code on your site that's provided through our dashboard. The code triggers a locker/popup that asks your users to complete a certain action to unlock certain content on your site, you have the control on what type of content you like to lock.

Our system automatically displays the actions/offers that your users can choose from. You can also change the offers that you want to have displayed to your users as well through the dashboard, in the offer optimization area.

Image of a File Locker

File Locking

These lockers are perfect for files. Through our dashboard you can upload your files and lock them. Unlike Content Lockers that are displayed on your site, File Lockers have their own landing page.

The landing pages can be easily customized during the setup of your File Locker. After you're done setting up your File Locker, you'll be given a URL that you can share with others. You'll basically get paid per download since the users complete a offer to access the file that you've locked.

Image of a Link Locker

Link Locking

Link Lockers pretty much work the same way as File Lockers do. Except you're locking a link. Our landing pages are however built in such a way that they can be used in many other ways, including coupons, codes, keys and things of that nature.

See how Link Locking should be done! You'll be excited to see the unique approach that we took unto them. You'll be able to utilize them in so many new ways you thought was never possible before.

Image of a Video Locker

Video Locking

Monetize on your videos. You attach a special code to your videos that'll trigger a locker before the video starts playing. Perfect for folks who have instructional videos or gameplay footage, video reports and other motion media.

Image of a Audio Locker

Audio Locking

If you're all about the sound, then Audio Lockers are perfect for you. Just like with Video Lockers, Audio Lockers allow you to lock your audio material. Before a certain piece of audio plays, your users are asked to complete an offer.

Image of a Flash Locker

Flash Locking

Flash games or anything else that is flash based. It can all be easily monetized with our lockers.

Image of a Relinks


This is a nifty little tool that allows you to generate a link for which you can setup different redirects for users from different countries. Perfect generating leads on offers directly without using a locker.

Image of our Dashboard


There are a lot of things included in our dashboard that would take hours to explain in plain words. It's something you really have to see and get busy with on your own. You'll have access to everything you ever needed. SEO/WEB Tools, offer optimization platform, statistics center, chatrooms, resources area where you can read up on all sorts of fascinating subjects that will teach you and help you become a better publisher and a lot more.

We're continuously developing and improving everything in the dashboard. The dashboard is built in such a way where both beginners and veteran publishers are able to grow through in a progressive matter.

Image of our Statistics


This is an area we believe is one of the most important areas of the dashboard. Without statistics, there is no understanding of your audience and so no clear sense of approach. We're very dedicated to developing some of the most innovative tracking tools. Some of the things you'll find in the Statistics Center:

  • Conversion/Click Report
  • Offer Report
  • Country Report
  • Daily/Hourly Report
  • Traffic Report
  • Tool Report

Our dashboard displays statistics in real-time. Apart from the different reports mentioned above, we're actually working on some of the most high-tech tools out there for traffic analysis.

Image about Customization


Upon setting up your campaigns you'll be able to customize a lot of different areas. Aside from that, the dashboard itself is also very customizable, from the widgets to the theme. You're also given a set of tools that allow you to schedule your own day with a personal ToDo list and a calender.

We think that an efficient workflow is very important when it comes to dealing with large amounts of projects and data so we're continuously making sure publishers have the best workspace available to work with.

Image about Optimization


From optimizing your lockers to optimizing your campaigns in terms of offers and audience targeting. A lot of it is tied to statistics. Statistics dictates the behaviour of users and gives you a sense of direction on how you could best get in-sync with your visitors.

Offer Optimization is quick, easy and lightning fast. We offer many different filters and ways to optimize your offers. Each locker and relink can also be optimized in an isolation mode, meaning that you are able to optimize offers only for a particular locker. And of course you're also able to optimize offers on a global scale as well. It all depends on what you prefer to do. Within each offer optimization area you'll find a lot of very useful functions that enable you to quickly disable/enable, favourite/unfavourite offers and set payout thresholds on different countries. We also pay attention to little details when it comes to optimization.

Image about Community


We're all for a better world. Adludum encourages the development of the community not only inside our own network but other communities outside as well. Here are some of the community features that we have:

  • Roadmap
  • Network Forum
  • Groups
  • Joint Venture system
  • Chatrooms
  • Encourage an overall friendly, helpful and progressive environment.
Image about Support Overview


When it comes to support, we're like no other! We actually have experience in what we provide. We've been that publisher, we've gone through all the blood, sweat and tears that publishers in generally go through. We've pretty much been wherever you've been yourself or have yet to go. But you should know, you've stumbled across one of the most advanced and knowledgeable networks out there.

Publishers come in all types and sizes with each of their own unique circumstances and we can resonate with you! Beginner or a veteran, we know exactly the type of support you need.

Image about Education


We've been in this industry for some time and we've lived and seen how the life of a publisher starts and continues. Especially in the beginning, a lot of new publishers go through an "information overload". So much information out there that you've no idea where to start and we know how that can feel. We also know exactly how to go about finding order in this industry full of possibilities.

Adludum periodically releases articles in the Resources Center tackling different important subjects. From psychology to traffic generation and optimization on different levels that you will come across during a campaign.

In a field like CPA, we take on the responsibility to provide our publishers the best educational material out there. Because, we can.

Image about Assistance


Support comes in many forms at Adludum. From step-by-step guidance towards your first campaign, to information for the publisher that seeks for something more then just an offer payout bump. We are very altruistic when it comes to making sure publishers get the best support out there.

No matter who you are, you deserve someone to be there with you. Someone who you can count on to give you the right advice and guidance, 24/7.