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Affiliate marketing is a form of internet marketing wherein advertisers pay their partners (affiliates) for the generated sales or leads that the affiliate has delivered. Affiliates can do this by promoting the offers of the advertisers on their site.

When a visitor is referred to the advertisers' offer through an affiliate's site and completes an offer or generates a sale then the affiliate will receive a commission in return from the advertiser.


Content locking is a rather new advertising model to monetize the content on your site through a special locker. This locker can be placed on specific areas of your site to monetize from. A locker can be used in many different ways on all sorts of content. For instance, you could utilize the lockers on your eBooks, music, games or other type of content. If a user wants to get access to your content he would first have to complete an offer from the locker which is displayed in the area of your site where you have placed our little piece of locker code. Upon completion of an offer the user is then granted access to the content or download. A benefit to this is that your users are not asked to get their wallet out and you get paid for each completion of an offer, ranging from $1 up to $40 per completion. It's a win-win situation. This type of advertising is called incentive CPA (Cost-Per-Action). Incentive simply means the piece of incentive that you offer in return for completing an offer. In other words, the content that you offer is the incentive that you give in return for when the user completes an offer.


CPL/PPL - Cost/Pay Per Lead

A lead is generated when a visitor visits an advertiser's page through an affiliate link and completes a survey. Upon completion of a survey, an affiliate is paid a certain amount ranging from $1 up to $20 depending on what type of offer has been completed by the visitor.

CPI/PPI - Cost/Pay Per Install

CPI/PPI is like CPL, except the conversion happens at the point when a visitor has downloaded and/or installed an application/game from an advertiser.

CPS/PPS - Cost/Pay Per Sale

A commission is given each time when a visitor visits an advertiser's page through an affiliate link and buys a product or a service of the advertiser.

All the models above can fall under incentive and/or non-incent marketing strategies. Generating leads or sales through incentive strategies implies that the PPL or PPS offers promoted to your visitors, will receive something (incentive) in return for when they've generated you a lead or a sale.

Non-incent marketing means that you promote a PPL or a PPS offer solely for what it is. You do not provide any reward (incentive) of your own when they have completed a survey or purchased a product/service.


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