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"Adludum is a revolutionary CPA network founded upon the calling of the industry and publishers for a complete change. It's time someone lives up to the word: Innovation."


Innovative Technology

Publishers of today yearn to be unchained from old technology. Simply for the reason being that you always learn new things as you get more involved into your work. The technology we built is super high quality and fresh. We take a lot of different details in consideration during the creation of our tools and general usability which is something that can only be done if one understands the language of a publisher from a multitude of levels.

You need technology that can up-scale in usability and implication. And that's exactly what we deliver.

We give you the ability to finally live and breath progression. Something that everyone has been waiting for to happen.


If you want to work smarter and faster you're going to need tools made available to you that can work with you and not against you. You want better control and be able to outline your work's prognosis. You'll need tools that aid you from all sides, both in SEO as well as in your overall workflow.

Everything we create is in-house.


Our lockers are one of the most versatile lockers you'll ever see. The design is radically different from a lot of the lockers out there, even though we do have more of the conventional looking lockers you're used to see and work with, but we felt that it was time to provide publishers something completely new.

Not only are the designs unique, the mechanics that we are presenting for the lockers is absolutely revolutionary. All for the purpose to increase your CTR, CR and EPC to a new level and to make you think in ways you've never thought before.


User Behaviourism

When you look at traffic, what do you see? When you see statistics, what do you read? We believe in maximizing the revenue of your traffic as much as possible and for that you'll need to learn to understand your traffic as best as possible, By understanding the behavior of your traffic and how it responds to your content and presentation, you will be able to know how to tweak appropriately in order to achieve much better results.

Maximizing revenue is something that requires you to consider a lot of factors, not just simply using an element on your landing page just because it screams success at first sight. Tweaking your performance often times challenges you to read between the lines, paying attention to details. Our system is built to give you exactly that detailed picture.


Our Statistics Center currently holds the following areas:

  • Conversion/Click Report
  • Offer Report
  • Country Report
  • Daily/Hourly Report
  • Traffic Report
  • Tool Report

Some of the reports you see up there are pretty unique and in the data they display. But, we are working on a few things that are so different from what you've seen so far that it'll completely change your standard when it comes to statistical data. You might say, it's a secret...

Offer Optimization

We know exactly how publishers optimize, to what extend and the different routes they like to take in order to improvise and squeeze the juice out of their campaigns. Our Offer Platform holds so many different ways for you to optimize your offers, it's just completely insane.

Our offer optimization extends farther then just one area, we allow you to optimize your offers per each locker and relink as well with immense precision and different workflows.



We believe that publishers of today need the educational material that teaches them about various subjects that come into play in this industry. It's a responsibility we take on ourselves to ensure that you are able to generate the traffic that yields quality and satisfaction to yourself, your users and advertisers.

Adludum is very oriented around knowledge, technology and how publishers go about utilizing it. We're periodically releasing helpful and insightful articles exclusively to our publishers only to stimulate them to think further and smarter than the current think cloud.


A good community starts with perception. Our community encourages positive thinking and prosperity to every single publisher, whether he's in or outside of Adludum. To align good intent with the right actions. We fully support sharing knowledge with each other and helping every single one to become a better version of themselves.


Our support ranges from assisting you in your campaigns to giving advice and guidance. We offer support that's very pragmatic and on a publisher-to-publisher level. Every single member of our network is given equal attention.

We also understand that publishers come in all sizes and forms. Our past experience and the knowledge that we've gained from it enables us to speak to publishers from all levels, beginners or veterans. We can resonate with every type of publisher out there. No one is left out.

Adludum is a history in the making